We’re All Diversity Advocates Now

When strolling through the campus of UNC-Chapel Hill, one never ventures far before hearing the buzzwords that typify a large, left-leaning public university.

Hundreds of do-good student activists promote “awareness” about a multitude of issues or campaigns. Others relentlessly seek to foster “dialogue” but when engaged by opposing points of view, quickly resort to the ad hominem attacks of “racism” or “xenophobia.” And nearly everyone—students and faculty members alike—has a particular demographic group it wishes to “empower” over others.

The word you hear most often from campus activists, however, is “diversity.” Racial diversity, ethnic diversity, gender diversity, and even diversity of sexual orientation are all embraced and obsessed over on college campuses. UNC’s fetish over these superficial forms of diversity blocks out concern over intellectual diversity, which should be the primary mission of any institution of higher education.