Letter to the Editor: What does diversity training have to do with diversity?

To the editor:

We call it Diversity Training, but it is not.  It has nothing to do with Diversity (whatever that is) and everything to do with Dogma and Doctrine.  It is ‘training’ in the same way China’s Red Guard provided ‘re-education’.

Consumed by the same poisonous belief which drives every Holocaust, that ‘badness’ is blood-borne, Diversitycrats seek only the ritual humiliation of those they ‘know’ are so corrupted.  They begin, always, with the presumption of Cross-Generational Racial Guilt.

It does not matter what you, the individual, may have actually done or not done; it does not matter what you the individual believe or don’t believe.  What matters is that your skin says you’re wrong; you skin says you’re ‘evil’, and so you require correction and continual re-adjustment.  “After all,” or so they might say, “People Who Looked Vaguely Like You in the Long Ago did the same to People Who Looked Vaguely like Us, and so YOU must repent!”

Two wrongs must make a right!

The Ludovico Technique would work wonders — particularly when coupled with the illogic of Kafka-Trapping (your denial of guilt is proof of guilt) but the HR department does not yet support such measures.  Not yet.  In the meantime this.