House Committees Announced

House committee assignments were handed out this week, completing the committee assignment process for the General Assembly. Senate committee assignments were announced last week.

Four committees (including subcommittees) will take up higher education issues during the 2007-08 legislative session in the state House. That also includes a committee charged with nominating members to the UNC Board of Governors.

In 2005, the selection process was clouded in controversy when legislators failed to follow General Statutes that outline the nomination and voting procedures. General Statute 116-6, which lists the BOG election procedures, states “If a sufficient number of nominees who are legally qualified are submitted, then the slate of candidates shall list at least twice the number of candidates for the total seats open.” It also says that nominees are to be approved 30 days after legislative appointments are completed. Legislators followed neither provision in 2005, leaving some to vocally criticize the vote.

That included Rep. John Blust, R-62, who will serve on the nominating committee this year.

Rep. Margaret Dickson, D-44, will chair the committee. The vice chairs includes Rep. Angela Bryant, D-71, who is in her first term in the General Assembly. Bryant was appointed to her seat that was vacated when Ed Jones was appointed to Senate seat held by the late Sen. Robert Holloman. The other vice chairs are Rep. R. Phillip Haire, D-119, and Rep. Tim Moore, R-111, who is a former Board of Governors member.

The remaining committee members include Rep. Harold Brubaker, R-78, Rep. Nelson Dollar, R-36, Rep. George Holes, R-92, Rep. Verla Inkso, D-56, Rep. Ray Rapp, D-118, Rep. Edith Warren, D-8, and Rep. Larry Womble, D-71.

Here is a list of committee assignments for other committees that will focus on higher education this session:

Appropriations Subcommittee on Education
Chairman Rep. Rick Glazier, D-45
Chairman Rep. Marian McLawhorn, D-5
Chairman Rep. Ray Rapp, D-118
Vice Chairman Rep. Larry Bell, D-21
Vice Chairman Rep. Linda Johnson, R-83
Vice Chairman Rep. Marvin Lucas, R-42
Rep. Mark Hilton, R-96
Rep. Bryan Holloway, R-91
Rep. Earline Parmon, D-72
Rep. Louis Pate, R-11
Rep. Cullie Tarleton, D-93
Rep. Laura Wiley, R-61

Education Subcommittee on Community Colleges
Chairman Rep. W.A. Wilkins, D-55
Chairman Rep. Michael Wray, D-27
Vice Chairman Rep. Alice Bordsen, D-63
Vice Chairman Rep. Bob Englang, D-112
Vice Chairman Rep. Tracy Walker, R-94
Rep. Marilyn Avila, R-40
Rep. Larry Brown, R-73
Rep. Jerry Dockham, R-80
Rep. Bruce Goforth, D-115
Rep. Melanie Wade Goodwin, D-66
Rep. James Langdon, R-28
Rep. Jimmy Love, D-51
Rep. Pat McElfrat, R-13
Rep. Joe Tolson, D-23
Rep. Ray Warren, D-88

Education Subcommittee on Universities
Chairman Rep. Mary McAllister, D-43
Chairman Rep. Rep. Larry Womble, D-71
Vice Chairman Rep. Bill Current, R-109
Vice Chairman Rep. Nelson Dollar, R-36
Vice Chairman Rep. Verla Inkso, D-56
Vice Chairman Rep. Cullie Tarleton, D-93
Vice Chairman Rep. Ray Warren, D-88
Rep. Angela Bryant, D-71
Rep. Mark Hilton, R-96
Rep. Bryan Holloway, R-91
Rep. Margaret Dickson, D-44
Rep. Alma Adams, D-58
Rep. Martha Alexander, D-106
Rep. George Cleveland, R-14
Rep. Larry Hall, D-29
Rep. Pat Hurley, R-70
Rep. Deborah Ross, D-38
Rep. Ruth Samuelson, R-104
Rep. Bonner Stiller, R-17
Rep. Charles Thomas, R-116
Rep. Douglas Yongue, D-46