Courses welcome back at UNC-Qatar

Although the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has turned down the proposal from the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science, and Community Development to establish a campus of the Kenan-Flagler School of Business in the Middle Eastern country, the university had done a great deal of work on creating courses to be offered by “UNC-CH-Q.”

The Daily Tar Heel reported Jan. 16, for example, that Tom Tweed, associate dean for undergraduate curricula and member of the Qatar Planning Committee, “said the commit-tee’s main goal was to create an arts & sciences curriculum similar in structure to that of UNC, while adapting it to a Qatari context.”

The curriculum “also includes a cultural diversity requirement,” reported the DTH. “Like UNC programs designed to enlighten students on ethnic, racial and cultural differences within the country, Qatari course offerings would reflect diversity within the region.” Tweed said the goal was “to move what we thought was great about Chapel Hill to Doha.”

An anonymous source sent me a sample list of the proposed courses for UNC-CH-Q. The list contained courses from existing academic departments within UNC-CH, some with descriptions and some without.

Note: As with anything else received on the Pope Center’s Rumor Fax Line, I cannot vouch for the accuracy of this list.

Proposed courses for UNC-CH-Q: A sample list

Curriculum in American Studies:

• AMER 101: Introduction to the Great Satan
Students in this course will seek answers to the following questions: What is the United States of America? Why are Americans under Israel’s thumb? Why won’t they stay out of our business? Why won’t they do business with us more?

Department of Anthropology:

• ANTH 315: Amnesty International
This course will explore the history of this meddling organization and its record of being continually foiled by our government.

Department of Communication Studies:

• COM 333: Al-Jazeera
An in-depth look at the mother of all cable news networks. Texts will include Al-Jazeera: Equal Time, by Mullah Omar, and Isthay Roadcastbay Ontainscay Ecretsay Essagesmay, by Osama bin Laden.

• COM 400: Advanced Censorship
Through the study and the application of the principles of [], students will learn _____ and mmmph, with a focus on *.

Environmental Science and Studies:

• ENV 300: Global Warming
In this course students will tackle key concerns about global warming: 1) Do not the Europeans know we already live in a desert?; 2) Tell those idiots to stop whining about automobile pollution and keep buying our oil; 3) It’s probably a Zionist plot.

Dept. of Exercise and Sport Sciences:

• SPRT 150: Fully Clothed Soccer

Department of History:

• HST 101: The Crusades, Then and Now

Department of Marine Sciences

• MRN 305: The U.S. Marines
In this course students will study the tactics of the sneaky infidels, with attention paid to land and sea maneuvers. Guest lecturers will include former Iraqi Republican Guard members who outsmarted them by surrendering to unwitting U.S. media.

Curriculum in Peace, War, and Defense:

• PWD 101: The Israeli War Machine
This course will explore how the Zionist plague occupied and raped Palestinian land and dispersed its native inhabitants.

Department of Political Science:

• POLI 130: Political and Religious Freedom
Students will explore issues surrounding this aberration of the decadent West and consider the devastating effects it has wrought on people around the world.

• POLI 260: Iran, Symbol of Democracy We Should All Emulate
This course will examine the theocratic government of Iran and what we all can learn from the example of its tolerance. Guest lecturer: Sheik Hamad Ibn Khalifa Al-Thani.

Dept. of Recreation, Leisure Studies:
• REC 410: Seminar in Sand Management

Department of Sociology:

• SOC 105: Understanding Diversity
This course will explore key issues facing diversity, such as, What is diversity? Does it involve Jews? Christians? Buddhists? Color: Does it matter, or may we wear whatever hue we like?

Curriculum in Women’s Studies:

• WST 305: Our Bodies, Out of Sight, Out of Mind.